Prior to the All-Star break, we had the opportunity to watch a lot of Jays games, both from the Renaissance Hotel and from our seats inside the stadium.

Our seats are located near the field, along first base.

One of the things that we have always enjoyed about baseball is the friendliness of the players and the fact that before game-time they often entertain fan requests for autographs and photos. This is something that we don’t see at hockey games or football games. Both sports, of course, generally do not provide much opportunity for fans and players to interact.

DSC00085_954x1400Nevertheless, the baseball players don’t have to provide autographs to fans. They could simply ignore them, go through their exercise routines and then head to their respective dugout without ever engaging with the crowd.

After all, player autographs have value.

How much or little the value of an item autographed by a player is depends on the demand for the particular player’s signature.

DSC00182_954x480Accordingly, it is always appreciated in this era where every player has a sports agent and the salaries paid to professional athletes are unfathomable to the average blue or white collar worker that baseball players are willing to offer their autograph to adoring fans, especially the young boys and girls.

This small act of kindness on the part of baseball players demonstrates that baseball remains a gentleman’s game.