So, starting today I’m going to provide a weekly round up of projected end of the season standings from three different sites that are regularly updating their predictions based on their statistical models.

These types of things always have to be taken with a grain of salt of course, but it’s interesting to follow. Note that since these predictions are always changing, if you go to any of these sites at a different time then I have the predictions will likely be different.

Right now the predictions aren’t great for the Jays, on average the sites are predicting about 78 wins and finishing around 10 games back. This is not entirely surprising, given the Jays poor start so far. Come back each week to see how the predictions unfold over the course of the season.

Predictions (accessed at 8:18 am ET, April 16, 2017)


Boston Red Sox 87-75
New York Yankees 83-79 (4 GB)
Baltimore Orioles 82-80 (5 GB)
Tampa Bay Rays 81-81 (6 GB)
Toronto Blue Jays 77-85 (10 GB)

Boston Red Sox 87-75
Tampa Bay Rays 85-77 (2 GB)
New York Yankees 81-81 (6 GB)
Toronto Blue Jays 77-85 (10 GB)
Baltimore Orioles 76-86 (11 GB)


Boston Red Sox 90-72
New York Yankees 84-78 (6 GB)
Baltimore Orioles 83-79 (7 GB)
Tampa Bay Rays 82-70 (8 GB)
Toronto Blue Jays 81-81 (9 GB)

*Note: Baseball Prospectus only provides projections for the remainder of the season. I have added the current standings to their rest of season projections.