With the Jays offence continuing to slump badly, it is time to offer some of our suggestions to improve the team. Certainly our starting pitchers need more run support. With more run support, our team would be in first place!

So, when Devon Travis is recalled, we would put him in the lead-off spot. Pillar, who we love by the way, has simply been ineffective as a lead-off hitter, and we need the bats of Saunders and Bautista hitting deeper in the order.

Josh Donaldson should remain the #2 hitter. Our suggestion for him is to quiet down his swing and not worry about hitting for the fences. His home runs will come. He just needs to hit and get his batting average back above .280.

We suggest moving Troy Tulowitzki to the #3 slot. This is where he is most comfortable and for the past few weeks he has shown why he is a career .290 plus hitter.
The clean up spot should go to Bautista. He is the most dangerous Blue Jays hitter.
Bautista should be followed by Edwin and then Saunders.

The number 7 spot should go to Smoak. He has hit extremely well this season. In the number 7 spot there is less pressure on him and we believe that this will continue to help him produce.

Kevin Pillar should bat eighth. He is a decent player with good speed. However, he simply needs more experience.

The number 9 spot should be left to Russell Martin (and, of course, Josh Thole when he catches). Neither catcher is producing big hits at this stage of the season and so the number 9 slot is fitting for the worst hitters on the team. We believe that Russell can bat higher in the order, but he needs to show improvement. Perhaps driving the ball to right field instead of trying to pull everything will help to get Martin out of his batting funk.

Without Travis or another pure lead-off hitter, we would nevertheless move Tulo to third spot in the order, put Bautista at clean-up and have Edwin bat fifth.


In Devon’s absence, the only person who should bat lead-off is Saunders. While it remains early in the season, it is time for the Blue Jays hitters to show better production. If they don’t improve, then perhaps the Blue Jays front office needs to explore other options.