With the Indians just finishing a three game series against the Jays at the Rogers Centre, a lot of attention focused on the return of Edwin Encarnacion to Toronto.

Between Encarnacion, Jose Bautista and Josh Donaldson the trio recorded a total of 120 homers in 2015, and 101 in 2016 during Bautista’s injury shortened season helped drop his output to 22 homers from 40 the previous year.

Despite their differences last year, it’s quite interesting to compare Bautista’s and Encarnacion’s career stats, as in many ways they are quite similar. Both are among the top 10 in active home run hitters in baseball, but there are other similarities as well:

  • Bautista’s 1,552 games played is only 7 more than Encarnacion has played.
  • Encarnacion is in 6th place among active home run hitters with 315 home runs. While Bautista is in 7th, he is only 5 behind at 310.
  • Encarnación has 132 more hits than Bautista (1464 vs. 1332), but this is offset by Bautista having 216 more walks than Encarnacion (901 vs. 685).
  • Considering the number of games they’ve played neither player has a great number of stolen bases (62 for Bautista vs. 57 for Encarnacion), Bautista however has been caught stealing twice as many times as Encarnacion (26 vs. 13 — not on the chart).
  • Their OPS is basically identical: .854 for Bautista and .848 for Encarnacion

Both are having slow starts to the season, so it will be interesting to see where things stand at the end of the season. Things might have changed  a fair bit.