Blue Jays At 50: Looking at the First 50 Games of 2016

Blue Jays At 50: Looking at the First 50 Games of 2016


Okay, so I know that the Jays have actually played 52 games at this point, but I created these graphs after 50, so let’s just pretend the last two games haven’t happened. Everybody alright with that?

Now, granted at 50 games it is fairly earlier into the season, but one of the most obvious things to notice is that the Jays have been struggle to stay at or above the .500 mark over the course of the first 50 games. In total they have only been at or above for 18 of their first 50.

So far they have had four wins against each of the Rangers, Rays, Red Sox and Yankees (of course when this is published it will be five against the Red Sox, but remember, first 50 only for the purpose of the post). The two graphs you can see directly below show the Jays record against individual team they have played in their first fifty games, as well as their win/loss percentage from games 10-50.

So when looking at the graph immediately below it’s very obvious why this is happening. While the Jays offense of late is showing signs of returning to the 2015 Jays form, at least so far the Jays aren’t really outscoring their opponents overall. Looking at the first 50 the Jays have scored 204 runs, compared to the 200 that their opponents have scored.

Now, of course there are some extreme cases. For example, in the ten games that the Jays have played with Rays the Jays have been outscored by a total of 15 runs. Also, the Jays were outscored by 15 runs in just three games they played with the White Sox. On the other side of the coin the Jays did outscore the White Sox by 15 runs in the seven games the two teams played, unfortunately that wide gap only translated to a 4-3 series lead (to date) for the Jays.

I will provide a similar breakdown at the 75 game mark, so watch this space for that.