Here we are with the second blog posting reviewing the Jays performance to date in 2016 (you can find the post looking at the first 50 games right here).

Things have changed quite a bit in the 25 games since then. At the 50 game mark of the season the Jays were at 25-25, and seemed to have trouble staying above the .500 mark for a prolonged period of time. One of the things I wrote about in my 50 game mark review was that the Jays were have trouble outscoring their opponents. Well with the Jays now at 40-35, and being 15-10 in their last 25, there are signs of improvement. If you look at the graph below, you can see that starting at about game 52 of the season the Jays starting being consistently above the .500 mark, instead of the pattern of getting above .500 and then going on a losing skid and going below, as they were doing earlier in the season.

So what exactly has driven this? Well, gradually the Jays offense is starting to outscore opponents on a more regular basis, with the Jays outscoring opponents 346-310 in total at the 75 game mark.

So, at this point in the season Toronto have had winning records against the Yankees (7-2), Twins (3-1), Rangers (4-3), Phillies (3-1), A’s (2-1) and Giants (2-1), while posting .500 or below records against the other teams they have played.

The Jays have a sub .500 record (18-23) in games that are decided by 1 or 2 runs, while they are 22-12 in games decided by 3 runs or more (see below).

On average, the Jays are scoring 4.6 runs per game, about half a run more than their opponents are scoring per game. In games in which the Jays win they outscore their opponents 6.2 to 2.5 runs, while when they lose they are outscored 5.9 to 2.8.

It will be interesting to see how the Jays do over the remainder of the month. So far they are 12-9 in June, after a 17-12 May. I will provide another update at the 100 game mark, so watch for it next month.


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