I was at the game Tuesday night against Tampa Bay when Jose Bautista stumbled to the turf as he was ready to throw the ball to Tulowitzki. Instead the ball was thrown awkwardly in the direction of Travis for an error. The game seemed to go downhill from there.

It was revealed a day later that Bautista had caught a cleat in the artificial turf and injured his knee. As a result, he was once again placed on the disabled list.

Bautista is no stranger to injury. A few years ago, he was absent for a long period of time because of a wrist injury. The Blue Jays were not contenders in that year. Last year, he hurt his shoulder and was unable to play outfield for a long stretch. He was able to DH, however, and the Blue Jays won the Division Title.

This year, Bautista has missed 30 games because of turf-toe.

During that stretch the team was 17-13. The Jays also beat Tampa Bay 7-0 without Bautista in the line up.

Jose_Bautista_954x480_IMG_9860Accordingly, the current roster has demonstrated that it can win without Bautista.

However, we must not forget that without Bautista’s booming bat and leadership, the Toronto Blue Jays probably would not have defeated Texas in last year’s post-season. Furthermore, with Pillar and Carrera injured Toronto cannot afford to play along stretch of games with only Upton Jr. and Saunders having played full-time in the outfield at the Major League level this year. The team would certainly be asking for a lot from Lake, Barney or Goins or whoever is used in the outfield.

We wish you a speedy recovery, Jose!