Catching games from the Renaissance Hotel

Catching games from the Renaissance Hotel


Last week was great for Blue Jays fans.

A split with the front-running Cleveland Indians, a sweep of the defending World Series Champion K.C. Royals and a come from behind victory over the Detroit Tigers last night has put our team closer to the top.

We have enjoyed nearly a week of games from seats just in behind first base…and from the Renaissance Hotel. Five games in all and all victories!

Image3If you have never watched a game from the hotel you are missing out on a fabulous opportunity. The rooms are very comfortable and spacious, and, of course, you can bring your own beer, water and snacks!


We were there because the Blue Jays’ Baseball Academy.

Held over three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), the Baseball Academy features former Blue Jays such as Roberto Alomar (and his dad Sandy, who is a great guy), Lloyd Moseby, Jesse Barfield, Rance Mulliniks and Duane Ward, and others, running drills for young baseball players.

The kids got fantastic quality instruction from the pros and were also able to partake in a “commercial” to help solicit all-star game votes for Michael Saunders.

In the evening, we watched the games from the comfort of our hotel room.

We were even lucky enough to have one of the players, during warm up, throw us a baseball from the field. I am still in disbelief that a player (Biagini) was able to throw the ball through the open window!


Umm…it left a slight ball mark on the ceiling, but it was nothing serious.

Ballmark_IMG_3733Anyway, watching the games from the hotel (we were near centre field, just to the side of the Pat Gillick Hall of Fame banner) provides a great perspective of the game.

Balls and strikes are easily discernible and it is easy to tell when a hit ball is headed toward the fence.

Kevin Pillar’s spectacular catch in centre field was amazing to watch from the room as well.


In terms of value, we highly recommend renting a room. The capacity for our room was 8 (even though the notice on the back of the door says 10). Accordingly, a $400 or $500 room split 8 ways is only $50 to $65 per person. If you bring your own beverages, then you can save $10.50 a beer or $5.50 for water. So if you are keen baseball fan and have friends who like to go to games, then why not consider renting a room.

P.S.: We have no business relationship with Renaissance Hotels.

Here are some examples of the rooms at the Rogers Centre Renaissance Hotel (Photos Courtesy of Marriott)