With the Jays now having just past the 100 game mark, the team is now at 56-44 and it is time again to look into detail at how they got there. They have recorded a 16-9 record since we did the 75 game overview, which you can find here. The graph below shows again that Toronto’s overall winning percentage has varied from .524 to .562 over this time period, and has been over the .550 level since the 94th game.



As was the case at the 75 game point, the Jays have outscored their opponents, though the gap has widened. As the graph below shows, the Jays have scored 490 runs over their first 100 games, compared to 411 for their opponents.


At this point in the season the Jays have the following records against their East division rivals: a 7-2 record versus the Yankees, 7-6 versus the Red Sox, 5-5 against the Orioles and 4-6 compared to the Rays.



The Jays have a sub .500 record (25-28) in games that are decided by 1 or 2 runs, while they are 31-16 in games decided by 3 runs or more (see below).


On average, the Jays are scoring 4.9 runs per game, compared to 4.1 for their opponents. In games in which the Jays win they outscore their opponents 6.5 to 2.7 runs, while when they lose they are outscored 5.9 to 2.9.



After a sub-.500 April, the Jays were 17-12 in May and 15-12 in June. They are currently 13-6 in July. They are 29-22 at Rogers Centre, and 27-22 on the road.



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