The Blue Jays head into their final three game series tied with the Baltimore Orioles for the top Wild Card play-off spot.

Both teams, however, are still in danger of missing the play-offs, and so we ask the following questions:

What if the Jays miss the play-offs?

Will fans turn on the players, management and the manager?

No doubt journalists will begin an over-analysis of the season, examining the strengths and weaknesses of the team ad nauseum and speculating on which games were lost because of poor decisions. They will analyze to death whether Bautista and Encarnacion should be signed as free agents and what could potentially happen to the Jays if either or both leave Toronto.

For our part, there is no need to analyze the season. We have been entertained by a very good baseball team. Although as “armchair quarterbacks”, we suffered certain frustrations over the current 159 games, we must remember that there is more to life than the Blue Jays winning or losing baseball games. The death of Jose Fernandez stands as a reminder that there is more to life, especially for fans, than a baseball game.

We obviously want the Blue Jays to make the play-offs so that we can continue to be entertained my a sport that we love. But the love of any sport should not be determined by whether or not our favourite team qualifies for the post-season. Our love of the sport should be driven by the exciting entertainment provided when a home run is hit, a double play is made or a player steals second base. We could on.

We wish our favourite team and favourite Blue Jays players the best of luck in their final three game series.

We believe that you can win series and qualify for the play-offs.

Play together as a team. Play from the heart.

And please in the event that you do not win, do not despair or feel sorrowful. Your loyal fans will always be with you and in the seats next year to support you.