The phrase “time for a change” is often used in politics when voters are asked to elect a new party to power.

But the phrase can also apply to sports team when it looks like a team needs to rebuild and change personnel.

The Blue Jays are 3-12.

While the scores show that the team has been competitive, we cannot ignore the fact that a number of players are performing well-below their capability and that the team has the worst record in baseball.

The team simply does not look ready, suggesting that they have been improperly prepared for the start of the season.

Last year’s team was also sluggish in April.

Even though baseball is a marathon, not a sprint, it is difficult to be enthusiastic about the chances of the squad to qualify for the post-season given their current performance and injuries.

We must conclude that it is time for a change and to look to the future.

The future begins with starting a youth movement and finding new coaching because what we are seeing on the field is not working.

And if the on field product is not salvaged, then ownership must reassess whether front office management needs a rethink as well.